Monday, February 2, 2009

Maine Weekend

Headed to Maine this past weekend- Besides just wanting to getaway, Valerie and I wanted to catch up to the Northern Hawk Owl that was being seen in Bristol. We arrived around 10:35 and found the Owl teed up in a dead spruce tree right next to the road.
We watched and photographed the the Owl for about an hour, the owl flew around a bit, vocalized and even plucked out a Red Squirrel from a nearby spruce tree.

While viewing the Hawk Owl, we also had Pine Siskins, White-winged Crossbills and 4 Bohemian Waxwings. The Next day we located the Tufted Duck in Westbrook, and both Varied Thrushes in Saco. (Beautiful Birds)

We left Maine and headed south for Salisbury Beach, hoping to find the Snowy Owl that had been recently reported. The State Park proved to be pretty active- we encountered a flock of 70+ White-winged Crossbills in the campground area. The Crossbills were very cooperative, ten or more at a time just within eight feet of me on the ground and in the pines. A while later from the boat ramp we learned that a Snowy Owl was seen in the vicinity of the beach parking lots. We quickly found the owl teed up on top of one of the bath houses. We had tremendous looks at the bird, best for us in a number of years.
We ended the day with close up looks at a Lapland Longspur back in the campground.

Good birding,


Northern Hawk Owl- Bristol, ME

Lapland Longspur- Salisbury Beach

American Robin
Varied Thrush- Saco, ME.
White-winged Crossbills- Salisbury

Snowy Owl- Salisbury State Beach