Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Varied Thrush-Palmer

A late season surprise in Palmer! A female Varied Thrush appeared at the feeder of Jim & Kim Athearn on April 24th. Not completely sure what they had, they took photos and sent them to Seth Kellogg for conformation. The Athearn's were very gracious hosts, but due to the location of the home and feeder, word of the western visitor was released sparingly.

With information provided by Seth Kellogg and Jeremiah Trimble - this appears to be the latest record for Varied Thrush in Massachusetts. The Thrush was last seen on the evening of May 1st.

The Athearn's feeder not only hosted the Varied Thrush, but a real nice group of Purple Finches, Pine Siskins and other typical feeder birds. A walk around there yard and property was also productive- Pileated Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird, Blue-winged Warbler and a very cooperative Northern Waterthrush.

A nice morning of birding.


Northern Waterthrush

Purple Finches at Athearn's feeding station.

Varied Thrush-Female