Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kenai National Park/Seward, Alaska

Arctic Tern- One of thousands seen on this trip. This shot was along rte 1 at an area known as Potter's Marsh.
Mew Gull- This is one common bird in Alaska.

Baby Moose-seen right along Rte 1 on our way down to the town of Seward.
The view from the Chinnook Restaurant was simply spectacular!

We arrived in Seward late Saturday afternoon only to learn the none of the ships had left the harbor the last two days because of eighteen foot seas out in Resurrection Bay. Soooo, the forecast was getting better, but it was unclear that we would be able to get out on Sunday? As it turned out, the weather was with us on Sunday, and would continue that way throughout our tour of Alaska.
We went with the Kenai Fjords Tours, They offer different tours depending on the size of the group and what you'd like to see. The boat pictured above is the boat we used to explore the Islands of the Kenai National Park. This smaller boat was one of the more expensive ways to see the park and Glaciers, but it was worth every penny. (Well done James and Birdfinders)

Harlequin Ducks- Heading out of the Harbor.

Marbled Murrelet- Several close encounters coming out of the Harbor and more would be encountered later on near Aialik Glacier. One of the big target birds on this trip was the Kittlitz's Murrelet, which we came across several pairs near the Glacier.

Sea Otter- Fairly approachable in the Harbor.

Dall's Porpoise- 300 lbs of tough to photograph mammal!

Aialik Glacier- Awesome
This Glacier moves 8-10 feet a day.
Ancient Murrelets
Rhinoceros Auklet
A real crowd favorite - Tufted Puffin
Kenai National Park
Horned Puffin
Almost like glass....beats 18 foot seas!
Black-legged Kittiwakes- Thousands....
Pelagic Cormorants
Steller's Sea Lions
Probably my most sought after mammal on this trip...Killer Whale. We lucked out into a pod on our way into port.
Killer Whales-Orcas