Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hello Folks,

Its certainly been a few months since my last post, perhaps I'm just getting over the October Snowstorm....probably not, just been busy with the Holidays and Christmas bird Counts. I managed to participate in three Christmas Bird counts this season-Northampton, Quabbin and Greenfield.While all three were fun, the Greenfield count had the edge this year. I joined Josh Rose and James Smith as we birded the Power Canel, Barton's Cove and the Rod & Gun Club in Turner's Falls. The theme of the day was FOG! not just fog, but industrial Fog. The fog really didn't clear until about 2:30pm, but the highlights of the day was away from the water. We birded the power lines near the canal and it turned out to be great. Highlights - Hermit Thrushes, Field Sparrows, Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a first for the Greenfield count..Common Yellowthroat first detected by James. Below are a few photos....

American Kestrel- Honeypot/Hadley. Northampton CBC

Carolina Wren- Hadley/Northampton CBC

Bald Eagle-Hadley/Northampton CBC

Fox Sparrow-Honeypot/Northampton CBC

Black-capped Chickadee-Hadley/Northampton CBC

American Robin- Hadley/Northampton CBC

Gray Catbird-No.Hadley/Northampton CBC

Porcupine- Quabbin CBC. Gate 43

Common Mergansers- Quabbin CBC Gate 43

Hooded Merganser- Rod-Gun Club. Greenfield CBC

Field Sparrow-Greenfield CBC. One of six.

Hermit Thrush- Greenfield CBC. Front & side views.