Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving leftovers?

|Headed to Falmouth for the Thanksgiving Holiday......Valerie and I departed Wednesday hoping we wouldn't run into the 35 mile back ups we heard about from the day before. As it turns out the traffic was just fine and we made a side trip to  Bridgewater hoping to catch up with the Northern Lapwing that has been lingering in a cornfield. We arrived around 11:00am and within 10 minutes had the bird in the scope.

After we arrived in Falmouth and unloaded the car, I headed out to see what I could find on the local waterways. I didn't find anything out of the ordinary, but had a nice time, and the weather was fantastic for November.

After the Holiday, I finally caught up with the Pine Grosbeaks at the Quabbin Headquarters and had another 15 up in Turners Falls on Sunday. That's it for now....Christmas Bird Counts are coming up....If you haven't done one before, do it...there a lot of fun.


Northern Lapwing- Bridgewater, Mass. One of three birds currently on display in Massachusetts.

Red-breasted Nuthatch- Falmouth

Ruby-crowned Kinglet- Falmouth bike trail.

Hooded Mergansers- Salt Pond, Falmouth

Pine Grosbeak- Quabbin HQ, Belchertown. One of six birds, all female/Imm.

Pine Grosbeak- Quabbin HQ

Eastern Bluebird-female. Standing guard