Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Migration is on....but low turn out so far

American Robin- Along the Rail Trail in Amherst.


The last couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least. Each year we try to figure out what’s going on with migration… We try and predict the next fallout but most of the time we just kid ourselves into thinking we have a handle on migration.  So far in May, there’s seems to be a huge void of Wood Thrushes, Veery’s, Eastern Kingbirds , Yellow-rumped Warblers and even Catbirds! Most of these should have pulled in by the last week in April… and yet, there are many species that are right on time. The one consist so far, at least in my humble opinion is the lack of numbers. A common thought is that the majority of birds have been held up behind this front that’s now approaching our area. The bottom line is…”Who Knows”, but it’s early May and one thing is for sure, the fun is just beginning.  Keep the bins close by………

Played around a little with the macro lens the other evening....thousands of tiny Red Ants.

Common Yellowthroat- First of the season- Oxbow N.W.R.

Eastern Phoebe- Our Phoebes have return and have justed started sitting on eggs.

Northern Flicker- Bike Trail in Amherst.

Flicker Nest hole- Bike trail-Setting up shop.

Just Missed!

Northern Waterthrush along Mitch's Marina.

Northern Rough-winged Swallow- Bike Trail in Amherst.

Northern Watersnake- Oxbow N.W.R.

White-throated Sparrow- Already started to decline at the feeding station.

Warbling Vireo- Rail Trail

White-crowned Sparrow- made a two day appearance and then headed out.

Yellow-throated Vireo- Mitch's Marina in Hadley.

Yellow-throated Vireo- Up close & Personal!