Monday, November 4, 2013

Nine members of the Hampshire Bird Club (led by Tom Gagnon) enjoyed a rewarding, but cold day in the Berkshires today. The highlight of the day was the fallout of Scoters that occurred throughout the Berkshires and many other regions of Massachusetts. By far, Black Scoters were the most numerous, with token appearances by White-winged and Surf Scoters. We visited several lakes and reservoirs from Hinsdale, Cheshire, Pittsfield, Richmond and to Stockbridge. Every body of water had a flock of Scoters on it, this was the first time this annual trip had encountered something like this. We ended the day with 264 Black Scoters, 2 White-winged and 10 Surf Scoters. A total of 16 species of waterfowl, including Canada Goose (200+) Wood Duck (2) Mallard (125+) Am.Black Duck (8) Green-winged Teal (24) Ring-necked Duck (2) Long-tailed Duck (41) Common Goldeneye (3) Bufflehead (86) Common Merganser (70) Red-breasted Merganser (1) Hooded Merganser (83) and (2) Ruddy Ducks. Also seen, 1-Common Loon,2-Pied-billed Grebes, 1- Double-cr.Cormorant, (2) Great Blue Herons, 28 American Coots, 2 Bald Eagles, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Belted Kingfisher, 2 Common Raven, Yellow-rumped Warbler and Snow Bunting.

Black Scoters- Cleveland Reservoir. The first of serveral flocks encountered.

Bald Eagle-(Juv) Kept the Ducks moving around the lake.

Scoters & Buffleheads- Large flock containing all three species of Scoters on Lake Onota.