Sunday, March 23, 2014

Pink-footed Goose

 It’s the almost the end of March and the Geese are on the move! During the past few days large numbers of Canada Geese have been increasing at a high rate here in Hampshire County. With the large concentrations of Canada’s, comes the hope that something else will tag along for the ride north. Well at around 3 o’clock this afternoon things got going….Larry Therrien located a Pink-footed Goose at the Old Pilgrim Airport in Hatfield. This is the 2nd time this species has shown up here in Western Mass and perhaps not the last. In recent years the Pink-footed Goose population has increased tremendously and we are slowly starting to see an increase in sightings over the last 10 years in the northeast. But for now, it’s still a really, really good bird here in the state and it’s always nice to have one close to home. Also present was a a nice flock of Snow Geese, eight of which were the Blue Morph. Photos below…


Pink-footed Goose (center-facing left) Old Pilgrim Airport.

Canada & Snow Geese

Snow Geese- middle bird -Blue Morph.

Snow Geese

Closer to home- A partially leusistic  American Robin

Peregrine Falcon cursing back to the nest box on top of  the library-Umass.