Sunday, June 8, 2014

It ended up being a pretty good spring migration around these parts. Recently I've been looking for Grasshopper Sparrows at the Old Amherst Landfill. Last year I had three singing males, so far this year -nothing! There's a good number of Bobolinks, Red-winged Blackbirds, along with a number of other species breeding along the edge of the fields. More photos to come from an April trip to Colorado.

Red-winged Blackbird-Old Amherst Landfill

Bobolink- I counted 17 the other day at the Old Landfill 

Cooper's Hawk- a successful early morning raid near the Old Landfill. 

Bobolink-female. The first few visits to the landfill yielded very few females, but the last couple of visits they have become much more conspicuous. 

Box Turtle- found near our home a couple of weeks ago.

Solitary Sandpiper- This one I photographed in Hadley...overall a good spring migration for these guys.

Black & White Warbler.

This Ruffed Grouse was certainly a friendly soul along the rail trail in Amherst. The Grouse greeted everybody and everything for several weeks in April & May.

Orchard Oriole- several reports this spring.

A closer look at the Rail Trail Grouse

This female Hooded Merganser seems to have her hands full- Pond near Old  Amherst Landfill.

Green Heron-